Thursday, August 23, 2007

Your Journey

Turning 50 should be the greatest feeling a person could have. The first half of your life is done with and the other half is in front of you. Remember all those dreams you had... Well, now is your chance to fulfill them!! I like to think that turning 50 is like starting a whole new life, getting the chance to live life all over again. Your 50th birthday should be a grand celebration!! On this special day in your life, forget the world and enjoy a new journey of life...

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Lis said...

reaching the age of 50 doesn't mean you'll stop celebrating with a twist! themed parties would be cool and it would be great to see your guests in costumes! hope your tips would help people at 50 enjoy life more and look forward to celebrate moe birthdays!

Jasper @ B & B Tent Rental NJ