Friday, August 24, 2007

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for some unique 50th birthday party ideas? 50 years of living should not be allowed to slip by, uncelebrated and unnoticed. There are dozens of ways to make your 50th birthday party one to remember. The 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary, so why shouldn't the 50th birthday be golden also? Gold and white would be the colors, with fancy china and crystal if possible. Make the cake white with gold icing, and a yellow punch to accompany the food.

50 years is a lot of time to remember. Things happen, so celebrate the past as your 50th birthday party idea. Get pictures of the person's life throughout those fifty years. The music that was popular when the person was in high school or college, and have food that was popular at that time. Party games can include "Guess What This Is," where a special item is shown to the guests and they try to guess what the item is and why it is so special to the birthday person (who must, of course, tell the true story for each thing after the guessing is through).

50 is an age of maturity. Go for a sophisticated type of party. Quiet, classical music with 3 or 4 great wines, half a dozen of great cheeses, and some fancy crackers. Have classic decorations with linen tablecloths and napkins, fancy crystal, china, and silver on the table. No games but a polite toast to the birthday person. If you have party favors, include miniature bottles of wine or liqueur.

Have your guests come dressed in costumes of a certain era. Serve food of that era and include music and games of that era also. Get your guests to dance period dances like the minuet at this 50th birthday party idea.

A pajama party is a great 50th birthday party idea!! Have guests come in their nicest nightwear, and plan for the birthday person's favorite movies and party games. Make it an all-nighter by providing futons or air beds for guests to "crash" on and don't forget the popcorn!!


Penelope said...

Thanks for the great 50th birthday party tips--I've just linked to this post from my own party planning site! Keep up the good work.

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Thisishollywood said...

Fabulous thoughts. Autumn lends itself nicely to creating a natural centerpiece, which is a perfect addition.

50th birthday ideas

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Lis said...

great ideas! reaching the age of 50 doesn't mean you'll stop celebrating with a twist! thjemed parties would be cool and it wopuld be great to see your guests in costumes!

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Gem said...

Hey terri,

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benilhalk said...

Thanks a ton for sharing these 50th Birthday Party Ideas. Pleased to know these ideas. My mom’s birthday is coming and was planning a family party at local party venues in NYC. Looking for awesome party ideas!

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